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2010-08-20 18:20:37 by Wyvern7

Hey Guys!

Im back from a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG and boring vacation.
I would have uploaded songs from my phone BUT I forgot my recorder.
I swear it was in my suitcase with my guitar..... but, at least im back, and alive.
Anyway's, We got back last night and I slept in the car for 12 hours, so my neck hurt's like hell.
Im gonna upload some new songs and sleep in my BED!!!!!!! Correction I will later.

Peace out, Bitches.


2010-08-03 20:27:58 by Wyvern7

I write flash stories. im currently writing for PopSecret.


2010-08-01 22:17:59 by Wyvern7

I will be contibuting alot to newgrounds